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Legends Of Honor HTML5

Legends Of Honor

Legends Of Honor

Legends of Honor is a strategy game where you take part in epic battles and explore the medieval world in Legends of Honor.
Your mission in the Legends Of Honor game is to focus on developing the army and its generals, besides of course building a stronghold, the people … to gather resources, build and upgrade your empire to defeat another empire. Complete quests to gain experience points. Make sure to fight at the same level as you or below your level to make sure you will win against your opponent. The game combines fast-paced action with strategic empire building. Immediate decisions can and will make a big difference between glory and failure! You will have to fight on the battlefield and have a strategy for the building. Build mighty buildings like the lord of the castle, recruit powerful soldiers and make sure the walls are strong enough to withstand attacks from invaders who want to destroy your defenses.
The gameplay in Legends of Honor focuses heavily on real-time battles, gamers will have to navigate the world map, find a way to conquer new lands as well as battle with thousands of other forces in the world. virtual.
The fights in the game are designed quickly and bring more action, bringing a lot of ‘excitement’ for players to participate in battles. Of course, to win, gamers must learn to capture the terrain, use the appropriate tactics and military … as well as grasp all the features in the game.
Another aspect emphasized in Legends of Honor is the generals. They are of great importance because this is the character who will lead your army into battles and of course the hero has their own special skills. Gamers need special ‘care’ for their generals with good furniture.

How to play game Legends Of Honor

Use your mouse to play this game