Lost Joe Game

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Lost Joe HTML5

Lost Joe

Lost Joe

Lost Joe is an interesting puzzle game. Poor Joe is lost. He needs your help to find his way home in this fun game that helps teach programming skills. Use your wits to help Joe find a way out of the maze.
Guide Joe through each level by choosing a command and placing it in the desired position in the proper order. You will have to use your problem-solving skills to beat this challenging puzzle. Each level in Lost Joe has many dangerous exit warnings and support items. Rational use of such items to create the right path for Joe.
Lost Joe puzzle game is not simple, you will have to play and try again many times to be able to overcome. 20 levels are also 20 challenges that await you, play to see where your abilities are.

How to play Lost Joe

Joe will only move in the direction he is facing, so use the items in your inventory to guide Joe to the exit. Blocks can be used to rotate Joe. Click an item in your inventory to select it, then click on a grid space to place it. Click again to delete an item or press the X button on the screen to delete all items.