Love Tester Game

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Love Tester HTML5

Love Tester

Love Tester

You want to know if you and your partner get along and get married? You want to know how much he loves me? Check out the latest free Love Tester game to see how far the two of you have gone.
Love Tester is an extremely entertaining game for couples in love. Come to this Love Tester game, you will be involved in a very simple test that is to enter your name and the person’s name to know how much and how much of that ruler’s heart is. Up to three people can be added to the analysis. See how well you match and share results!
These are certainly not some arbitrary algorithms based on the name you give them. This is purely scientific! Do you like a sweet boy, a cute girl or a non-binary person among your friends? Are you wondering if you should become more than friends? Based on your relationship on Love Tester, and not some silly ideas that both of you should be emotionally ready to accept the unique gifts and needs of others. Try different spellings and nicknames for more results and choose your preferred results. Enjoy the challenge of true love!
Love Tester is very simple, fast and quite accurate. Test your love with your partner or family members or simply your favorite artists. With Love Tester you can know everything you want.

How to play Love Tester

Use the keyboard to type the name
Use the left mouse button to click calculate