Ludo Game

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Ludo HTML5



The legendary Ludo game was adapted from the famous English Ludo game versions in the world. There is no way to play so complicated, so Ludo is always a game loved by many young people. Ludo is an online board game for 2, 3 or 4 players, in which they race four codes in a set of paths, each turn of the Ludo piece depends on the player rolling the dice. The person who owns the legendary Ludo chess piece will finish in this game.
The rule of the Ludo Game is that each player chooses one of four green, yellow, red or blue colors and places those four colored pieces in the corresponding starting circle. Roll 6 dice to move the pieces. Choose a piece to go around the board. Take all 4 troops home to win. If you roll 6 dice, there will be 1 more move.
In other words, it is guaranteed fun for you and your friends. And thanks to the internet, you don’t need to own the actual ludo board game. Roll the dice, bring all your tokens to the race and eliminate your opponent tokens by landing on the same place. Stand on the stars to be safe and get all your codes into central positions to become online ludo king.
The game has an attractive bonus system every day, suitable for all ages with funny and funny gameplay. You can play Ludo against the computer, with friends, with strangers or play online. With many features, Ludo Game gives you a truly unique gaming experience.

How to play Ludo

Use the mouse to play