Mad Day 3 Game

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Mad Day 3 HTML5

Mad Day 3

Mad Day 3

Mad Day 3 is the sequel to the exciting fighting game. You will control a character to destroy aliens to rescue friends and restore peace to your land.
You can drive a car or walk, drive a car will help your movement better, easily avoiding obstacles. Plunge into battle in your armed vehicle, collect coins as you progress, and use them to upgrade your armor, weapons, and reload speed for your big gun. When your car is shot too much it will disappear and now you will have to continue the journey by walking, destroying aliens, collecting money … then you see a car and use it.
Your health is indicated by the blue scale in the upper left corner, when this ladder is over you will lose your life. In addition to gold coins along the way, you can collect other things like weapons, assemblies, strength, health to support you for matches.
There are levels with different terrains, which in the building, which is on the road, on the desert …, all arranged with deadly traps, aliens and worthy weapons. Fear, a lot of gold coins are arranged along the way.
Buy clothes so you can look cool on the way, save your eight armed friends so they won’t be forever lost to invading aliens.
The game has no time limit, but aliens can kill you anytime if you don’t kill them. You can play anytime, anywhere with your phone, tablet, PC.
Beautiful game interface, exciting sound, funny character shaping and attractive content will give players the fun to play.

How to play Mad Day 3

Mad Day 3 uses the mouse and arrows to control. You can control the car or yourself move faster or fly up. The game will bring players many interesting things, you will be able to overcome different scenes, fight and win all enemies, all different terrains.