Mad Day Game

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Mad Day HTML5

Mad Day

Mad Day

Mad Day is an exciting fighting game. On a nice day, you take your friend Fluffy octopus (this is the friend you love) to warm up when the aliens come to kidnap. So you will find them to rescue your friend.
Start with driving a combat vehicle and move to find your friend. It has the ability to shoot bullets and have the ability to soar, so you can easily collect gold coins and destroy aliens. The coins you collect will be used to upgrade your armor, weapons and reload speed for your big gun. When your car is shot too much it will disappear and now you will have to continue the journey by walking, then you see a car and use it.
Your health is indicated by the blue scale in the upper left corner, when this ladder runs out you will lose your life, you can increase this scale by collecting on the way or buying a health upgrade package . In addition to gold coins along the way, you can collect other things like weapons, assemblies, strength, health … all of which will support you in the match.
There are levels with different terrains, such as in buildings, on the road, on the desert …, all arranged with deadly traps, aliens and scary weapons.
The game has no time limit, but aliens can kill you anytime if you do not kill them and you also need to go through the road quickly to find your friend soon. yourself.
The game has a beautiful interface, vibrant sound, funny character shaping and attractive content will give players the excitement to play.

How to play Mad Day

Mad Day uses the following controls:
LMB – Interact / Select / Shoot Primary Weapons
Space – Jump
Space bar to jump. Click twice to double jump.
X or up arrow or left mouse to launch rockets or shoot.