Magic Pen Game

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Magic Pen HTML5

Magic Pen

Magic Pen

Magic Pen is a physics-based puzzle playground created by Alejandro Guillen. This is a flash game that requires some skill and intelligence. The goal of the Magic Pen is to roll the ball over the flag.
Collect flags with small red balls to complete a level. You move the red ball by drawing objects with your magic pen and pushing it around. The magic pen allows you to draw or place shapes, hinges, or pins, which help push the ball towards the goal.
The shapes you draw are influenced by three basic principles: gravity, friction and inertia. In other words, ordinary physics. The drawn shapes will fall to the ground, bumping into each other and sitting still unless affected by another moving shape. You can draw whatever you want, but the Magic Pen automatically smooths out the jagged edges into a more block-like shape.
The pegs and hinges connect objects together and allow you to build more complex machines to bring the ball to the goal. The shape you create will be affected by gravity and slowly rotate around the pivot point towards the bottom of the screen.
There are more than two dozen levels in the Magic Pen, each more cruel than the last. When you reach a higher level, it will be quite difficult to figure out how to bring the ball to the flag or flag. Although the Magic Pen is very simple, it can be extremely difficult and frustrating. You have to find the combinations to use, hinges and pins to place, and big or small to create shapes. You really have to use your brain for this game. Magic Pen helps you think creatively and excel. This is a more efficient game than the games commonly played today, so it wastes less time.

How to play Magic Pen

Use mouse to draw