Mainlands Wars Game

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Mainlands Wars HTML5

Mainlands Wars

Mainlands Wars

Mainlands Wars is a real-time strategy flash game with the desire to become the ruler of the world to the next level. The mainland war is not for those who are content with what they have. It is for those who think the world could be better if they could control it. Use your special abilities and amazing mind to destroy all enemy forces. Either die, or triumph in glory and honor.
Mainlands Wars is a classic game genre. Each map must be conquered by your units. You must send a group of soldiers to neutral areas or fight with other countries. Larger armies win but you can use more power and special moves. But be careful, the game is very fast.
At the beginning of the game, the player is a small state, having very important boundaries to expand. Mainlands Wars continues until the entire continent is united under one flag. Build a mighty army and create a huge empire. The success of the campaign depends not only on the army, but also on the ability to use special spells, cause disease, improve the defense system, and teleport combat units. Pay attention to increase the amount of gold that technology learning depends on, as well as the quality of the manufacturing army.
You will have more and more units to manage. Enemies can also attack you, don’t allow them time to do so, otherwise you may find yourself in trouble. Play Mainlands Wars and you think you can conquer every country on the map.

How to play Mainlands Wars

Click and drag your mouse to move your army from one of your green territories to another