Masked Forces Game

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Masked Forces HTML5

Masked Forces

Masked Forces

Masked Forces is a 3D first-person shooter game that you can play for free on your browser. Get ready to enter the arena and fight with other players. Before entering the Masked Forces game, you can choose your username and view the current character level and available cash. You can also collect your daily rewards here be it cash or even new weapons.
Single player campaign with different difficulty missions based on your progress during the Masked Forces game. Level up your account in a great AI play campaign, or take part in multiplayer battles with other players, and fight to win and gain experience points.
Log in Masked Forces daily to increase your experience even more. When you level up your account, you will have more options when choosing weapons and armor. Online PvP is a great place to get it all at once: entertainment, shooting action, experience and money. Kill your opponents, and collect bonuses for their heads. Face them on one of the five maps available in three game modes: free for all, teams and apocalypse.
Masked Forces has both online and campaign pvp mode, you can also change the load of characters including their amour, weapons. Usable weapons include revolvers, slow guns, machine guns and even HMG light machine guns. In battle, you must keep moving, aim carefully and be alert, you never know when your enemy will appear. You can become an elite masked warrior and eliminate all opponents in Masked Forces.

How to play Masked Forces

- WASD key to move
– Left click to shoot
– Right click to aim
– R to reload
– Mouse roll to cycle through weapons