Max Fury Death Racer Game

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Max Fury Death Racer HTML5

Max Fury Death Racer

Max Fury Death Racer

Max Fury Death Racer is a combination of racing, motorcycle challenges and shooting games that offers an exciting and challenging game. Max Fury Death Racer has a lot of speed and a lot of weapons. Complete each race as quickly as possible. Can you discover the strategy needed to win?
You live in a world where almost everything disappears and everyone goes crazy. Gasoline is the most important currency in this day and age. You compete in a death race. The winner receives money and gas. So this is a race for survival and let’s go there first.
The road is full of dangers and races will be ruthless in Max Fury Death Racer. Driving your future car, armored and armed like in the movie Mad Max Fury Road, you should try to finish each race in the first place but especially try to keep your car into one piece. The game offers 4 series of 5 races with an iconic character to beat at the end of each series. Defeat opponents at all costs and beat other riders to win. Use nitro for incredible speed and use traps to take down opponents, unleashing rage on the road. Collect the money needed to upgrade your trip and buy new cars much more powerful.
Drive on 2D platform and win the violent races you will engage with your car. Roads of death, crazy and furious drivers, cars… are you ready for Max Fury Death Racer?

How to play Max Fury Death Racer

Use the arrow keys to drive and press Z to shoot