Maze Race Game

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Maze Race HTML5

Maze Race

Maze Race

Maze Race – In this thrilling game, you will have to defeat the computer and escape the maze first! Remember that you are a green player and the computer turns red. Finish the maze as quickly as possible because when the red player comes to the flag first, the game is over! Train your eyes to keep track of all dead ends and avoid them as quickly as possible to save time and so you can get to the flag faster.
Try to race the green ladybug to the gold coin. You can pick up boosters along the way, but not all boosters are useful …! Make sure you don’t make too many mistakes as you move through the maze, otherwise your opponent will reach the finish line first! The further away the coin from the other ladybug when you get there, the more points you score!
As a maze expert, you should find an exit no matter how complex it looks.
Avoid choosing dead ends. The route is like a snake! Build them the right way!
Remember that the number of points generated, upon arrival, depends on the distance of the red player from the finish line. The closer you are to the flag, the less your score. Just remember that you’re smarter than a machine, so you better win at every level! Enjoy yourself and enjoy this simple yet extremely fun game!

How to play Maze Race

Click start with mouse and cursor to start the game.
Point your green ball to the flag with the arrow keys. Keeping them down will make your balls go further in one move.
Find the shortest path and cross the red ball. You win if you reach the first flag. Look out for the walls blocking your way!
The farther a red ball is from the flag when you get to the flag, the more points you’ll get.
If the red ball arrives first, your game is over!