Me and Key 2 Game

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Me and Key 2 HTML5

Me and Key 2

Me and Key 2

Me and Key 2 is a challenging logic puzzle for children from fifth grade and above. The goal of the game is simply to find the key! Children will need to think outside the box to find the key because each stage becomes more difficult.
As you progress through this series of abstract riddles and mini-games, you’ll probably discover that the key you’re looking for lies around your penguin’s neck all the time. Really, a virtue for the ages.
Me and the Key 2 – This is a harder version of the snake game, it cannot hit by itself, walls or colored blocks.
The weakest part of “Me and the Key 2″ is the mini games. It really is not a spoiler to say that they are replicas of the classic and groundbreaking snake genre. You can drag someone who has been in a coma since 1987, to sit in front of the computer and they will recognize what the game is within five seconds. Then perhaps they will say, “Did you wake me from a coma for this?” and they will have a point.

How to play Me and Key 2

Hint level 1: Use mouse to drag penguins up. Hint level 2: use your keyboard to type the letters and then click the key! Pull the wire to the glass ball at the top of the screen, then let go. The key is on the other end. At other levels, trial and error will show you the light.
Finding the controls in this game is usually the whole puzzle, but I can tell you that both keyboard and mouse will need to be used. At some level, finding clues is important. At other levels, trial and error will show you the light. If you’re stuck, it’s never really painful to click around the screen frantically or hit the keyboard until something happens.