Me and Key 3 Game

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Me and Key 3 HTML5

Me and Key 3

Me and Key 3

Me and Key 3 is a point-based puzzle game made to unlock endless smiles. If you know anything about Bonte, you’ll know he has a simple way to get the idea and turn it into a fun addictive game. In this game, the penguins have a hidden key. Use logic to solve all the puzzles and find the key to move on to the next level. The game is played very simply when the player simply clicks the key, the hard part is solving the brainteasers that keep it hidden from view. To do that, you need to pick and test what you see, find a way to reveal that coveted golden object. While most of the time you’ll just need to click, there are other times you need to control the keyboard.
The game will have 25 levels to play for players to pass. Every challenge is not easy. In 25 levels of this puzzle game, with a simple concept, but in which each level is a specific headache problem. The difficulty is progress and the game requires a lot of logic, intuition or coordination. Will you face the challenges “Me and Key 3″ created for you or will you let the penguins play with you?

How to play Me and Key 3

In this game you will use the mouse to control this game. Penguins move through a chain, regardless of whether the star cluster moves or sinks, maybe you click on one and another movement … is a mystery. Therefore, you must determine the correct sequence to make penguins with locks appear and can be removed to the next level.