Me and the Key Game

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Me and the Key HTML5

Me and the Key

Me and the Key

Me and the Key is an interesting logic puzzle for children in grades four and up. The goal of the game is simply to find the key! Children will need to think outside the box to find the key because each stage becomes more difficult. Trial and error must complete this brain puzzle!
For the first level, click on the penguin, and then click the key.
Combine with a few tiny penguins, Bart Bonte’s creative ingenuity and an elusive key that is constantly elusive and you’ll end up with Me and the Key, a point-to-point puzzle game made. To unlock endless smiles, or at least 25 levels not too easy worth the fun.
Very user-friendly and classroom-friendly educational games, focusing on sight words, spelling, story books, addition and subtraction, place value, money, art, music, holidays and more!
Go out of the way and you have to start over. Doing this will make the floor go down, keep doing it until the key appears. We consider the best games as well. Pull the wire to the glass ball at the top of the screen, then let go. The key is on the other end.

How to play Me and the Key

Each level has a hidden key. But the solutions are different. Use your entire brain for once! Drag the ball to the top of the screen and drop it down. Fortunately, the journey has been extended by 25 levels in.
The goal of each puzzle is to find the key. Most of the puzzles involve moving the cursor, clicking on objects and dragging things around. As the puzzles progress, they become more complex and more difficult to understand.
If you falter at first, “Aw, too simple”, keep going. Moreover, your charm and personality ‘is only abundant for the third time around, marking the constant quest for the key as something that will never be old.

Play Me and key 2 here