MetroCubeVania Game

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MetroCubeVania HTML5



MetroCubeVania is a metroidvania platformer with small pixel pixels where you play as a cube. Explore your way through multiple domains as you gain more possibilities as you progress. Help blue blocks run and jump to reach new platforms and get new powers. Avoid traps like spikes if you don’t want to die and have to start a part of the game.
It’s a small “metroidvania” platformer, where you play as a cube. The more possibilities you gain as you progress.
There are many environments, some collectibles and you can find a boss battle at the end.
MetroCubeVania is a high quality game that works in all major modern web browsers. This online game is part of the Adventure and Platform game genre.
In the beginning, you won’t have the power, that won’t make everything easier for you. Only then can you get them, by exploring different places. Jump over traps, avoid dangers and access new powers at any cost to use them for the rest of the game. Many surprises are waiting for you.
The great thing about a lot of these PICO-8 games is that they’ve done what they’ve done before, but in order to fit the format limitations, they basically have to boil everything they’re doing in The cleanest form.

How to play MetroCubeVania

Use the arrow keys to move. Press X or C to jump. Walk through the flags to activate checkpoints.