Mighty Knight 2 Game

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Mighty Knight 2 HTML5

Mighty Knight 2

Mighty Knight 2

Mighty Knight 2 is an extremely interesting fighting game among small creatures. You are tasked with destroying all enemies to expand your territory.
Take part in battles, kill enemies and collect money and super good prizes. First you will have a weapon that is a sword, use it to slash enemies. When you defeat enemies, you will receive a large amount of money, which will be used to buy upgrades for you. These upgrades will give you more power to kill enemies quickly. In every battle there will be witches that bring strength or things to support you in that battle, you need to kill these witches to get them. Don’t miss any of it, to achieve your goal.
Enemies appear in very large numbers, they pull out in layers and gather towards you. They all have dangerous weapons, you must not let them approach from behind, because then it will hurt you and slowly lose blood. Try to fight, destroy them and survive to the end. You need to find the right strategy for each match, each battle is difficult, but when you find the strategy, you will overcome it easily.
The game has many levels, each level being each battle in different locations. After the battle, your ability is greatly increased so that the enemies in the new battle will be stronger and more dangerous, along with many different types of troops. Unlock all levels to conquer this game.
You can share this game with everyone, getting a high score to get in the game’s achievement rankings.
This game will help you relax extremely effectively and help you kill time quickly.

How to play  Mighty Knight 2

Mighty Knight 2 is played using the following character keys:
The arrow keys, WASD (for Qwerty keyboard) or ZQSD (for Azerty keyboard) to move.
J to attack.
Join the game to experience and feel the fun it brings to you.