Mighty Knight 3 Game

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Mighty Knight 3 HTML5

Mighty Knight 3

Mighty Knight 3

Mighty Knight 3 is a territorial defense game. A long time ago, evil forces invaded the important territory of the people, destroying the peaceful town instead of the blood and tears of the people there. However, the people here did not have the strength to fight, their fighting ability did not exist, and indignantly gazed at the raging enemies, at this moment a force of knights with strength and courage stood up and told. protect people. They are ready to take part in the battle to be able to help honest people from disaster. This is also a content developed in this game. Here you will be involved in battles against hostile forces. By controlling a knight with strong martial arts, destroy all enemies and head to the dark castle to defeat the demon king in order to free the king of the captive kingdom.
Enemies with large number and variety with different weapons, capable of high damage to you. The higher you go, the more you will encounter enemies with larger and stronger numbers. If you keep the strength and ability of the knight, you will not be able to fight the enemy, so you need to upgrade the strength of the knight by buying upgrades. Use the gold collected after each battle to buy upgrades. With a lot of upgrades will give the knight more strength, defeat all enemies and restore peace to the territory.
At this game you can play in single player or two player mode.
The game is completely free and gives you the fun to play, you can play this game anywhere at any time without paying any money.

How to play Mighty Knight 3

Mighty Knight 3 has the following controls:
Move WASD or arrow keys.
J / Z to fight attack
K, L or X, C to Skills
P to Pause.