Mighty Knight Game

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Mighty Knight HTML5

Mighty Knight

Mighty Knight

Mighty Knight is a fighting game that protects vast lands. The evil forces have invaded important people’s territories, destroyed towns and suppressed them. You need to fight, take back the land and bring freedom to the people here.
You will start the first battle together with a hero character. Use the weapons you have to destroy enemies by slashing consecutive wounds and until they lose blood.
At the bottom of the screen is an HP gauge that indicates your HP and the number of enemies killed. When you slash and lose blood, this bar will decrease, destroy the enemy before this bar is exhausted.
Enemies in large numbers with dangerous weapons, they rush out and attack you from two sides on the screen.
After you kill all enemies in each match, you will earn gold. Use this money to buy upgrades and new soldiers, there are a lot of upgrades on weapons, weapons, magic … Because enemies have large and varied numbers with different weapons, Can deal high damage to you. The higher the level, the more powerful, crowded and dangerous the enemy is, so if you keep the old power, you will not be able to fight the enemy, so you need to buy upgrades to strengthen your power. Knight.
You can play this game in single player or two player mode. The game is completely free and gives you the fun to play, you can play this game anytime without paying any money.

How to play Mighty Knight

Mighty Knight controls the following:
For one player
Use WASD or ARROW KEYS to move
J / Z to fight off the attack
K, L or X, C to execute skills
P to pause
For two players:
First player:
Z to counter attack
X, C to perform skills
Second player:
Use arrow keys to move
J to fight off the attack
K, L to perform skills