Mighty Motors Game

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Mighty Motors HTML5

Mighty Motors

Mighty Motors

Mighty Motors is an extremely interesting race. You will control the speed of your car conquering all rickshaw races in your city. Speed ​​up to dominate the city by winning head-to-head drag races and earn money to buy the best car.
You will compete with another car, the car that finishes first will win and the other car will continue to race to finish. After winning you will unlock the next race. There are many racing tracks equivalent to many levels. Each race you will compete with each different vehicle, at this level the racing ability will also increase.
You need to master at the beginning of each race, so you can win. Your speedometer is in the middle of the screen and has three colored lines, but you need to adjust the pointer to the green line and then press the right button with the green arrow to perform the speed. degree faster.
Each time you need to press the gauge pin exactly at the green position, you will be slower than the other rider and always fail in each race.
This game will be very difficult to play if you do not know the rules, but once you know the rules you will easily win for all stages.
In the game there are specific instructions in English for your initial action, so you need to understand this language to play the game well.

How to play Mighty Motors

Mighty Motors uses the mouse to adjust the speed. Left-click on the finger with a small green arrow, until the pointer points to the green position on the scale, then click the left mouse button to activate the greater speed.
You can pause / resume / restart in game screen.
In the fast race there are 3 options to choose from and your reward for increasing difficulty is higher.