Military Wars Athena Game

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Military Wars Athena HTML5

Military Wars Athena

Military Wars Athena

Military Wars Athena is a shooting game with beautiful 3D graphics.
Your mission is to engage in battles and destroy other players.
The game with beautiful interface, vivid sound, attractive content will give players an interesting feeling.
You can choose one of four different match types: Team Deathmatch, Capture Flag, Free for All and Catch Points. Each type of game presents a different challenge and requires you to cooperate with your team and play as a single unit.
You entered the battlefield as an elite soldier trained to fight in a multitude of different situations and now your skills are being tested as you fight against other online players. You will move around the map terrain to search and destroy other players with the help of a miniature map. Through this map you will know where other players are and you will easily get there.
You can choose from a number of different weapons including machine guns and pistols – you are also equipped with grenades. Using binoculars helps you see enemies and aim easier. After each match you can also equip yourself with better weapons.
Fighting on many fronts, each front is a different challenge, training your military skills compared to how big other people, you not only see your points but also the points of all other players.
The game has a time limit, if the time runs out and the number of enemies you kill is more then you will win.
You absolutely do not have to pay for this game.

How to play  Military Wars Athena

Military Wars Athena uses the following control keys:
WASD key or arrow to move
Switch to sprint
Space bar to jump
Right click to expand range
Left click to fire
R to reload
The game has a lot of players, it will always be further developed by the manufacturers to serve the needs of the players. Please support us by playing at this website, thank you and wish you have a fun time.