Mimelet Game

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Mimelet HTML5



Mimelet is a platform game released in 2010. Players help a character named Mimelet reach the target flag at the end of each level. The game also uses jumping on enemies to gain certain abilities of them.
This hungry guy is on a mission to some delicious fruits and vegetables. Help Mimelet jump on top of enemies to steal their power and conquer all obstacles along the way!
It is about an adventurous colored person who travels through different places, solves puzzles, defeats enemies and gains their power. Different powers have different abilities (the power of leaves allows you to walk on blocks of grass, etc.) and Mimelet will need them to solve puzzles at each level.
There are 20 levels in the game. Each level has at least one enemy and a flag to complete the level. The difficulty of each level becomes more difficult as you progress. Some need to think carefully before doing anything, and some are very simple, like level 1.
Before we reach the levels, we should establish some common techniques that a runner should use throughout EPIK SPEEDRUN.
Block block: you can pin on certain blocks (for example, tree platform, 2nd hit of the final boss) as long as you get ~ 50% of your body on the platform.

How to play Mimelet

Left and right arrow keys – Move
Up arrow key – Jump
Use the arrow keys to jump and move. Jump on an enemy to copy their power. Each power has a special ability. Use powers to reach the end of the level.