Mine Blocks 2 Game

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Mine Blocks 2 HTML5

Mine Blocks 2

Mine Blocks 2

Mine Blocks 2 is the sequel to the exciting survival adventure game – Mine Blocks. Mine Block 2 is a minecraft-inspired adventure. In this game is the key to build works out of blocks. So get your ax and start digging! Build, craft and explore your world. Collect wood to start a life in the new world.
To start playing the game, let Lanh choose one of two game modes like Survival Mode and Spirit Mode. Your task in the game of Mine Blocks 2 is to help a Minecraft boy build structures from blocks in a procedural 2D world. To do this, you must collect resources such as wood, coal, dirt, rocks, sand and other things by loosening them from where they are. You can then combine them and create something new. Discover the endless worlds in which you have ultimate control. Build and create your own world according to your creativity with many different blocks. Initially, you collect wood to produce basic tools such as wood axes, tables and so on.
You can walk around, even fly, you can mine and use the rocks you have mined to build other blocks, so this is a Minecraft game while you have a lot of options. And the most important thing you need in a Minecraft game is creativity.
Stay safe, especially at night. You have to build a cave to hide, then upgrade it to modern. In creative mode, there are no hungry creatures here. You just need to unleash your creativity to build many great structures and create many different impressive products.

Features of the game Mine Blocks 2

- High-quality graphics and smooth animations
– Easy and intuitive
– Great music
– Interesting story
– Smart manufacturing system.

How to play game Mine Blocks 2

Use arrow keys to move.
Use mouse to mine and build blocks
Use Enter to select inventory.