Mine Blocks 3 Game

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Mine Blocks 3 HTML5

Mine Blocks 3

Mine Blocks 3

Mine Blocks 3 is the latest version of the Mine Blocks adventure game. Mine Blocks 3 inspired by Minecraft is a great 2D game.
In Mine Blocks 3, your task is to build a shelter to protect yourself from night attacks and dangerous enemies. Use everything you need to survive by collecting rocks, soil and other materials. Explore, build boats, and explore the world. To start a life in a new world, you should start by collecting wood.
The game of Mine Blocks 3 has two different modes. You can start the game by selecting Survival Mode and Spirit. The game is not too complicated, so apply the skills you have to become a player to win this fun game quickly.
In the game you have to focus and try to find all kinds of diamonds, mines, water, environment that can destroy everything and stand up in the ground, lava if you dig in the ground for too long and you will destroy everything around you. Be very careful in the new game because everything is punctual and you will have to prove that in a relatively short time you will be able to earn more bonus points in your new Minecraft adventure.

How to play Game Mine Blocks 3

Use right moving arrow and mouse to destroy everything around you.