Mine Blocks Game

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Mine Blocks HTML5

Mine Blocks

Mine Blocks

Mine Blocks is a game that allows you to test your creative skills and use your imagination to create practically anything you want. In this 2D game, you can create a world of your own, perfectly suited to your vision as you explore and build.
In this game, you can explore randomly generated worlds containing resources, creatures, and mysteries! The game is mainly inspired by Minecraft, however it contains many unique features.
Surviving, building, exploring and crafting are four words that sum up the principles of Mine Blocks. Lost in a randomly generated vast world, you must build a shelter to protect you from monsters, find food, build weapons and raise animals. You can venture to explore and explore the depths of the earth and many dungeons with well-preserved treasures. For those who just want to build, the creative mode would be ideal for building the wildest structures, or even entire cities.
The Mine Blocks game has both survival and creative modes, each showing a different playing style.
In survival mode, you have to collect different materials and food to make equipment, weapons and backgrounds – for example, you can collect wood and stones to create a simple wooden ax. .
In creative mode introduces you to a sandbox from which you can build to your heart’s content. Using a variety of materials, you can create vast castles, vast underworld or impressive cityscapes. With typical Minecraft pixel graphics and addictive gameplay.

Feature of game Mine Blocks

- Two game modes – survival and creativity
– Save your level and creativity
– Infinite ability to create and design
– Simple controls similar to the original Minecraft
– Random generation!
– More than 200 blocks and items!
– Make! Fascinating! Beer production! Riding a pig!
– Animals and monsters!
– Overworld, nether, and ender!
– Ender dragons fight!
– Customizable interface for sharing online!

How to play game Mine Blocks

Use the WASD keys to move and click to tap a block. Gather and exploit materials, defeat monsters and craft items.