MineClone Game

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MineClone HTML5



MineClone is a game of exploring and building a world from blocks. The game is completely free and has been loved and downloaded by lots of people from around the world.
You will start with an ax in hand and a sword in the warehouse to explore your surroundings and exploit useful resources, you can create better weapons and tools.
After you gather enough resources, open your repository to choose what you need and start building anything with your rich creativity. Build different blocks – create structures, cities and build from simple walls and houses and create whole cities. Interact with animals and other creatures in the pixel world, identify monsters and other evil creatures, fight with the weapons you create.
You must complete daily quests and gain earned rewards that will help you buy upgrades and various rewards.
This is a top-notch creative adventure and adventure game that requires you to freely explore a vast 3D world to remove and move blocks (mine) to fill the landscape with new resources. , and to build new structures from these blocks, and make new building tools according to the options available. This game is for everyone but it will be more suitable for those who love creativity, love to build.
This game will help you unleash your imagination to its limits, challenge your mind and test new ideas for design.

How to play MineClone

MineClone uses the character keys to play:
WASD or arrow to move
Mouse to switch weapons
Left click to attack
E to open warehouse
Right click to place an item
Space bar to jump
F to open the action menu
1234 to use accessories
Esc to open the menu
Combine manipulations together to create what you want, build your dream city according to your own creativity, without having to impose any form.