Miragine War Game

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Miragine War HTML5

Miragine War

Miragine War

Miragine War is a very interesting fighting game. Your mission in this game is to destroy the forces of the enemies and destroy their crystals to end the war.
You need to deploy and control the war forces to conquer your opponents in the fierce battle. Deploy your troops carefully and choose the correct unit type among 16 different unit types including soldiers and monsters for maximum efficiency. The strong knights are equipped with heavy armor, relentless zombies and even vampire lord … to take on the battlefield to win. Each unit has its own ability to fight, along with different weapons and abilities, when combined together will create a strong army and support each other to destroy the enemy.
You need to assess the strength of your enemies and choose your units wisely to counter the swarm of enemy soldiers moving towards you. Defeat them or you’ll fall under their swords.
Sometimes the usual knights and swordsmen may not be able to destroy strong enemies, a commander must turn his gaze to other capable, resourceful and charismatic commanders. Can win the fight.
Your enemies have similar types of units, so plan on moving according to their weaknesses and strengths.
At the top of your screen, you can see the remaining time of the current round for you to prepare your next tactical steps.
Winning each match will earn you a certain amount of money and treasure. Using it to buy soldiers, you can only deploy a certain number of troops at a time.
This game is very diverse and perfect, very suitable for those who love war and epic strategy.

How to play  Miragine War

Miragine War uses the WASD keys to play as player 1 and uses the arrow keys to play as a player 2. Drag the mouse around the mini map to move the camera.