Monkey Go Happy 5 Game

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Monkey Go Happy 5 HTML5

Monkey Go Happy 5

Monkey Go Happy 5

Monkey Go Happy 5 is a great puzzle game for kids and teenagers, where you have to solve a series of 16 difficult little games. The little monkey Maurice and his grumpy family are all teary and sad, so you have to brighten their day by solving a challenging conundrum. Interact with the objects, characters and items hidden in each quirky puzzle to create a positive solution that makes your pet monkey grin and jump up with joy.
This very unusual and unusual step-by-step problem solving exercise is suitable for anyone who likes difficult hidden object puzzles with a twist. Playing Monkey Go Happy 5 requires logical thinking skills, good concentration, lots of imagination, the ability to devise a strategy, serious determination and a little more common sense to find solutions for each one zany riddles. Turn your monkey from a sad stick into a little friend with a bright smile.
Monkey Go Happy 5 has a total of 16 different mini game levels. Each level requires you to solve a puzzle by interacting with objects, characters, and items with a computer mouse or a touchpad. You have to produce a positive result that makes your pet monkey smile widely and jump around the game screen with interest, so you can move on to the next level. To solve and complete small games, you need to delve into each scene and imagine what might happen.

How to play Monkey Go Happy 5

Use the left mouse button to play