Monkey Go Happy Game

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Monkey Go Happy HTML5

Monkey Go Happy

Monkey Go Happy

Monkey Go Happy is one of the good games with completely new challenges, please help our monkey overcome sadness to become happy. You can participate in overcoming the challenges of Monkey Go Happy.
Monkey Go Happy has taken you on his latest adventure. After choosing the monkey and the hat you choose, you will discover that your monkey is alone in a very strange world. An alien sells t-shirts in exchange for credits, a strange device that lacks a laser and underground puzzles are just some of the puzzles you’ll encounter.
Each level is a puzzle or game you have to solve. Solve all as quickly as possible to achieve the highest score and make this primate proud. The puzzles in Monkey Go Happy will be increasingly difficult and complex that require a keen eye and some go deeper and deeper into the game. You can take the missing spaceship and round all ten small monkeys to escape the planet and make Monkey Go Happy.

How to play Monkey Go Happy

Use the left mouse button to play