Monster Saga Game

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Monster Saga HTML5

Monster Saga

Monster Saga

Monster Saga is an exciting fighting game. You are a boy falling into a pit and waking up in another world. Become a trainer for a flock of cute monsters and control them in battle against enemy monsters.
When he fell down, the sentence was very panicked, but then he found himself still alive, the boy continued to be shocked when he saw small, strange monsters coming to him. He thought they came to eat him and run away quickly. Then the boy stabbed another girl while running in the dark. From there, the girl let the boy know that he had strayed into another planet called Battalia.
In this adventurous strategy game, your fairy world is being attacked by evil creatures. Gather a mighty army of small monsters, drill and command them in all battles to defeat the invaders and regain your lost power.
Ovest, being attacked by wild monsters. Become a monster trainer and free Ovest from Professor Mad Dog Lunatic.
There are 24 Monsters to collect and train, 20 Main Quests, 12 Extra Quests, and more.
Become a monster trainer, build your own army and free Ovest from Professor Mad Dog Lunatic! You need to follow in-game instructions.
The way you organize the monster units in this unique strategy game is also very important to be able to form an elite and complete army. Complete the game with your unique but very effective leadership.

How to play Monster Saga

You will have to train your beasts to be able to engage in battles with the enemies and win. It is essential to upgrade the energy, as well as the ability to attack, level, and you need to show your great management, when distributing the monster’s battle scores sensible way.