Moto Trial Racing Game

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Moto Trial Racing HTML5

Moto Trial Racing

Moto Trial Racing is the big head 3D racing game in which you will race against other drivers to cross the finish line in the quickest time. This quirky game is infectious and will leave you racing time and time again to beat anyone that dares challenge you on the track. You can choose to race against AI or play with a friend for even more fun.

How to play

- Single player controls

Arrow keys to ride

Space bar to use nitro

NM to kick

H to respawn

- Two player controls

player 1: + Use SFED to ride

+ Use shift to use nitro

+ Use WR to kick

+ Use C and to respawn

player 2: + Use arrow keys to ride

+ Use space bar to use nitro

+ Use NM to kick

+ Use H to respawn