Mutilate A Doll Game

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Mutilate A Doll HTML5

Mutilate A Doll

Mutilate A Doll

Mutilate a Doll is a terrible and brutal torture game in which you have to create many different ragdolls and then harm them by using many weapons and objects. You are free to cause as much damage as possible and create imaginary ways to destroy the dolls. Mutilate A Doll is a fairly violent game for all ages. Discover all kinds of deadly traps in the game.
Your task in the game Mutilate A Doll is to torture and deal maximum damage to the ragdoll mannequin. Turn your life into a living hell using various items, weapons and elements.
You can also use different weapons and objects and even insects to turn your life into a living hell. In this game, To use an object or weapon, you must drag it on the screen with a dummy from the taskbar. It is perfect for everyone. To make the game even more interesting, you can choose the environment you like, such as the moon or desert.
Mutilate A Doll is a perfect way to have some light fun and to relieve stress or pent-up anger. You can pull the doll around and tear its limbs, Or maybe you want to use a weapon to chop the doll or shoot it to pieces.
Set the types of traps in Mutilate-a-Doll! You can bomb, slash or smash the doll. This funny violent game will give you a try for every experience. Change your options, add your health and fight in a way no one dares to think!
Features of Mutilate A Doll
Different weapons are used
You can choose effects on the area
Feel free to choose your crazy torture

How to play Mutilate a Doll

Drag the left mouse button to move objects.