My Kingdom for the Princess Game

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My Kingdom for the Princess HTML5

My Kingdom for the Princess

My Kingdom for the Princess

My Kingdom for the Princess – a terrible tornado has turned the kingdom of King Olgert upside down, and the beautiful Princess Helen must find a way to rescue the country … Transform yourself into a talented prince to join the adventure to help the beautiful princess defeat traitors and rebuild the kingdom.
On that bumpy and rugged road, surrounded by rubble, villages destroyed, and King Olgert, falling ill and becoming more and more critical. The culprit behind all this is a dragon that is fierce because of hunger, the main task of the player is to help the princess rebuild the empire from this rubble, help knight Arthur find and destroy that evil dragon. It all depends on the talent of the player, are you ready?
Join the game you transform into brave knight Arthur restored the kingdom from the rubble to escort Princess Helen back. At the same time seek to destroy the evil dragon.

Features of My Kingdom for the Princess

- Combining management, strategy and simulation games.
– Great graphics and sound effects.
– Special rewards to supplement workers, increase their speed and performance.
– Combining management, strategy and simulation games.
– Unique gameplay.
– 2 special rewards to unlock tactics.
– Many special missions and interesting game mini.
– Charismatic storyline is told on a beautiful comic background.
– Sound effects, stunning images.
– Adventure through 50 unique game levels and 5 heavenly kingdoms.
– Castle rewards with many interesting buildings are waiting for you to build.

How to play the game My Kingdom for the Princess

Operations in the game are performed with the mouse. You will click on the objects that appear on the screen to perform the task.
The gameplay of the game is somewhat similar to the empire game, but only a very small part. Because you also have to build houses, farms, sawmills to create resources for the adventure to find the princess. But not fight the enemy, but fight yourself to complete the task before night falls.