Night Rider Turbo Game

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Night Rider Turbo HTML5

Night Rider Turbo

Night Rider Turbo

Night Rider Turbo is a great chaotic driving game. Use your right hand to navigate the old car and travel on busy highways. You must try to avoid accidents or destroy your vehicles and life. Remember, the sky is already at night, this car is very old and not too reliable. For example, your steering wheel is broken pretty easily. You need to drive very carefully and try to survive, do not crash into too many cars on the road or the car may break into pieces and out of your control.
Your car is controlled by grasping and moving the steering wheel with your mouse, but you will need an ingenious tap to last more than a few seconds in this ridiculous racer! Pull too hard on the steering wheel and you’ll actually pull it out, and there’s no means of getting you out of control and having an early crash. Still, it’s fun to watch the chaos, and for added enjoyment, you can destroy your entire console by taking the parts and separating them – from the stereo to the builder. cool air. This is a very silly game, with quirky images, excellent soundtrack and lots of fun destruction.

How to play Night Rider Turbo

Use the mouse to control this game. To start the game, click the “click start” button on the main menu. The car automatically accelerates. Point the driver’s hand to the part you want to use and click on it to hold it. If you are not careful, the piece may be damaged. You can return to the game by pressing the spacebar.