Ninja Miner 2 Game

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Ninja Miner 2 HTML5

Ninja Miner 2

Ninja Miner 2

Welcome to the game Ninja Gold Miner 2 next version of the game Gold Miner has been a lot of your favorite.
Ninja Miner 2 is one of the best games in the genre of intellectual challenge games. Coming to this version of Ninja Miner, you will continue with the guy in the game to perform the task that is going deep inside the gold mines and collecting all the gold in it, this version promises to Brings you extremely difficult and dangerous challenges so please be very careful! You will meet the hard-working and diligent Ninja who comes to mines full of gold and diamonds to exploit. It is said to be a mine, but it is actually deadly mazes with dangerous traps. In the first version of Ninja Treasure Treasure, the pitfalls really only appear in the maze later, and with this new version, the difficulty has come from the first stage. Use the familiar scroll keys to take the Ninja guy to take all the treasure in the maze, be careful with flying birds, water currents, organs, or bunkers that are set up, waiting for you to make mistakes, will take away some of your vitality. Use your intelligence and skill to help the Ninja guy both have a huge income from the treasure, and can escape a dangerous maze.
In the Ninja Miner 2 game, there are still unique features in the gameplay, with very nice design, promising to be a free game full of charm to you. Later, complicated mazes are really difficult intellectual challenges, try to think carefully and overcome you. You will find lots of fun there.

How to play game Ninja Miner 2

Use left mouse to control