Ninja Miner Game

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Ninja Miner HTML5

Ninja Miner

Ninja Miner

Game Gold Miner with manipulation play very simple but no less interesting and attractive waiting for you to participate.
In this exciting gold mining Ninja game, you will play the true Ninja with this mission that is to quickly move to collect a lot of wealth hidden deep underground, like gems. Sparkling and golden treasure. You will have to show Ninja’s agility to move in different tunnels and avoid life-threatening pitfalls. Avoid traps and other obstacles that can be deadly. Get your picks, shovels and hats.
Ninja Miner has 24 levels of entertainment, each filled with a series of interesting challenges. In this addictive game, you control a powerful and agile ninja. Travel through the dark mines at ninja speed. Your goal in the game is to collect every gem and unlock doors. At each level, you will find many different barriers. Destroy them and clear the way using special tools that you can find scattered around the mine maze. While your main goal is to collect gems, you will also see a total of 3 stars in each level that is optional to collect. In some levels, you will encounter golden doors that you can only unlock by taking the appropriate gold keys. Who knows what these gilded doors are hiding? While going through the mines, be sure to watch out for spikes! Stabbing with sharp spikes is sure to be lethal – your ninja will die on contact, so be careful! You can collect a total of 65 awards to prove your ninja talent!
Features of Ninja Miner
24 challenging maze levels to complete
65 attractive prizes to earn
Smooth 2D graphics
Addictive game based on puzzles

How to play game Ninja Miner

Use mouse or arrow keys to control.