One More Flight Game

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One More Flight HTML5

One More Flight

One More Flight

One More Flight is a simple yet extremely addictive adventure game in which you have to control a small plane, avoid obstacles and collect bonuses.
When participating in One More Flight, you will have the opportunity to experience the work of a real pilot when having to control the plane collecting stars and landing at the right stop. You control an animated jet and must keep it in the air for the duration of each level. To control your aircraft, simply click and hold the mouse button – the longer you click, the more your aircraft will fly. Each level has a different design, so you will have many opportunities to challenge your flying skills. Each level has checkpoints and a landing on one will save your progress. If things go awry in the cockpit and you have trouble, you can reboot from these checkpoints.
Try to fly the small plane to the end to collect three stars in each level. Go to a checkpoint to save your progress so you don’t have to start all over again on your next try. Keep winning to unlock new levels, more challenges and new vehicles. As you progress, the levels become increasingly difficult and you will encounter many different objects and obstacles. You can make cool loops in your plane, but be careful not to crash into clouds or the ground! This game has great playability and you will find yourself trying each level repeatedly.
Climb into the clouds, five sun high and ride gravity back to the ground. Become a creature of the sky and master every path you take. When you decide to take a break, consider browsing our collection of action games. And if you like, take some time to try out other aircraft titles, such as the Great Plane which requires your flight skills, or Merge Planes, a game in which you manage the whole thing. aircraft squadron!

How to play One More Flight

Use your left mouse to keep your plane in the air. When you release the button, your aircraft will begin to descend. To avoid obstacles, you must time clicking carefully.