One Trick Mage Game

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One Trick Mage HTML5

One Trick Mage

One Trick Mage

One Trick Mage is a simple platform game about a Wizard who can only cast one magic at a time.
Speaking of magicians refers to those with supreme power capable of controlling wind and water. Their power is used to protect the peace of the country, help the rain and the peace, and the well-being of the residents. But the day was not so good, the people whose magicians were locked up in the dungeons, as powerful magicians. Please show your own position and role in this magician magic game. The magician of One Trick Mage game jump and run very well, but when it comes to magic, he can only do it once. For that reason, with the intention of saving some prisoners in the dungeon, you will have to combine all those first times to complete your mission and escape from life.
Collect different potions to perform different magic tricks. Use the arrow keys to move and jump. Get new spells by taking potions and using them with the spacebar. But when you receive a new spell, you cannot use an old spell anymore. Use your magic to gain all treasure chests and beat the level.
Enjoy this simple platformer about a magician who can only perform 1 trick at a time! Save all his colleagues in each stage – you can even unlock the Speed mode, in which you must be as fast as possible! How long will it take for you?

How to play game One Trick Mage

Move: WASD or Arrow keys
Jump: W key or Up Arrow
Use spelling: Spacebar
Restart: R
Sound off: M
Menu: Exit
XBOX controller
Move: D-pad
Jump: Button A
Use spelling: Button X
Restart: Start button
Mute: Y button
Menu: Back button