Pac Xon Game

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Pac Xon HTML5

Pac Xon

Pac Xon

Pac Xon is a great game of combining classic arcade games Pacman and Xonix. To play, you must create some closed squares in the arena to limit the space that ghost characters can hover on. The main area is closed but you have to create more enclosed space and collect special fruits to help you perform better along the way such as cherries (Pacman moves faster), Bananas (Enemies move. slower), Popsicles (Enemies stop moving for a while) and Pills, allowing you to eat ghosts and clear levels more easily. You can use the arrow keys to control PacMan as he moves about creating new blocks. If the ghost touches a box before the area can be successfully closed it will turn red and you cannot compete with it, so try and work fast to complete each square in This fun game
Each level will give players different levels of difficulty but the goal remains the same, closing all the lines and by the end of the level, each ghost also has a different way to approach you. You only have three lives per level so move quickly and carefully! With 50 different levels to play, this game has great playability and makes an interesting change to the original Pacman game.
The general strategy in Pacxon games is that the more you are out of range of ghosts, the better, increasing the power of randomly appearing at the top of the level or in the level at any random time, the problem is the location of the This power boost varies, so if a cherry appears at the bottom right of the screen and you’re away from it, it’s better not to pick it up.

How to play Pac Xon

Use the arrow keys on the keyboard to control the game