Pac Xon Game

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Pac Xon HTML5

Pac Xon

Pac Xon

Pac Xon is a game to expand your territory to reduce the territories of ghosts. You need to move into closed squares or rectangles to minimize the area available that the ghost can move around. You must not allow one of the ghosts to touch any part of the image you create. If they touch while your image is not closed, it will turn red and kill you. You only have three lives per level so move quickly and carefully.
Your character will automatically move and you just need to adjust its movement direction. You will be safer when moving in the territory you have filled, move skillfully and quickly to narrow the space that the ghost can move. The ghosts will appear dense and they move very quickly, especially it is capable of recognizing where you are and approaching.
When you fill up about 80% of the space, you will advance to the next level. This is not too difficult for you.
The fruits and some power will appear, they will help you move faster or will slow / freeze monsters. So try to collect lots of things.
Games with fast movements will increase the attractiveness of the player, and this simple game will be suitable for all ages.

How to play Pac Xon

Pac Xon is controlled in the following way:
For desktop, move with arrow keys
For mobile, slide finger across the screen to move
To avoid being killed by the ghosts, you can play tactics, follow the walls and create very small squares or rectangles, away from the ghosts. This is one of the very interesting games on our website, you can join this game or play against your friends to see who will be the one to go more levels. In addition, there are many other interesting games on our website.