PacXon 2 Game

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PacXon 2 HTML5

PacXon 2

PacXon 2

Pacxon 2 is an addictive classic arcade game based mostly on the original Pacman game that will definitely challenge you for hours. Your task in this game is to catch ghosts at each level by building walls around them. This fun game requires skill, strategy and a keen eye. To help complete the mission, there is a reward in the form of fruit . The cherry reward makes Pacxon move faster and bananas will make the ghosts move slower. Fruit will appear suddenly in an uncertain place. When Adah quickly grabs it and takes it because it can be lost. Each fruit has a different function. The goal to reach the next level is 80%. You have to fill that space with 80% of the wall.
In each level, the player must succeed in capturing his enemies by building brick walls. So move it cautiously and skillfully to avoid it by ghosts at all costs. Players swallow bonus points and overcome 50 levels that make up this challenge together. Enjoy yourself entertaining with this cool game.

How to play PacXon 2

Playing PacXon games is quite easy. You just need to use the arrow keys to control our character to move in the direction you want. There are three important steps to follow:
– Start by moving PacXon to an empty area as well as a wall to capture the area.
– Try to grab power quickly when they appear. This will enhance your speed as well as slow down or freeze the monsters.
– Advance to the next level by filling more than 80% of the area. Note that the level becomes more difficult as you advance.