Palisade Guardian Game

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Palisade Guardian HTML5

Palisade Guardian

Palisade Guardian

Palisade Guardian is a game to protect your stronghold from the invasion of the German army. Your mission is to protect the wall by destroying all invaders.
The game includes 35 intense action levels and 6 weapons to upgrade.
The German army comes in large numbers, and every man has a weapon, they come close and shoot consecutive at your walls.
You will use your weapon to shoot at those guys until he dies, defeating each enemy in turn until the end.
An army of enemies will appear in layers, each consisting of many pieces. These classes are denser in number as the levels increase. After each level you can buy weapons to increase your fighting ability and protect the walls.
Army games need to use a combination of tactics to defeat every enemy in each level of play and become the winner of this game.
You can play online or download to play, no matter what, you do not have to pay, playing online will help you compare with other players in the ranking position.
You can play this war game in full screen mode with any modern browser, from mobile devices, tablets, PCs.
You will receive a reward for every headshot. In addition to fighting the invading army, you must not forget to use the wall, if the wall is destroyed so much that the status bar reaches zero, you will lose the game.

How to play Palisade Guardian

Palisade Guardian is played using the mouse to shoot, Space bar to aim, R to reload, D or F to switch weapons. This game has been selected through the likes of a large number of players on our website. If you love this game, play often and recommend it to your friends. Wish you will have a good time playing game at our website.