Papa Louie 2 Game

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Papa Louie 2 HTML5

Papa Louie 2

Papa Louie 2

The success of the first part of Papa Louie inspired the developers, and the release of the second game in this series is not long. After Papa Louie’s dizzying victory in the world of angry pizzas and other henchmen from the kitchen pans, the world had a bit of peace and joy. However, this harmony did not last long. And the food led by evil vegetables came to visit our lands and attacked restaurant in Papa Louie 2. The vegetables stole restaurant staff and transferred them to their mysterious and secret Universe on the free and open sandwich day, where our heroes had to find their way home.
Each new level in Papa Louie 2 is still surprising with a variety of fascinating and still dangerous creatures. The smallest omission or the wrong move you made, and you’re done! There is a definite advantage – you have a real weapon of mass destruction against food – a kitchen spoon to turn meat. And you will clean up your tough and difficult path to victory with this spoon, because even the strongest representatives of that mysterious place, where you are helpless against such weapons.
– Try to understand why vegetables are back on earth
– Defeat enemies at every level
– Save your friends and increase your loyal allies
– Find ways to defeat all enemies and return home
You will face more and more difficulties at every new level in Papa Louie 2, and the enemies will become increasingly angry and cunning. Show everyone in this dark world who is the boss in the kitchen and don’t be afraid to wave the bonus spoon. Now it is your most loyal ally, who works without refusal.

How to play Papa Louie 2

Use the arrow keys to move, jump and climb ladders
Press space bar to rotate spoon and knock enemies away from the road