Papas Bakeria Game

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Papas Bakeria HTML5

Papas Bakeria

Papas Bakeria

In the sequel to the beloved Papa’s Pizzer, Papa Louie has returned to town and has now opened a bakery! You play a new employee at Papas Bakeria, and your mission is to fulfill customer orders for delicious cakes.
This involves adding the right ingredients to the cake as required by the customer, baking the cake in the correct amount of time, then adding the toppings as neatly as possible. For every pie you bake successfully, you gain experience and if the customer is satisfied they will give you a tip.
As the game evolved, more and more customers lined up for service. They don’t want to wait too long and require well-made pies, so to keep them happy you’ll have to work frantically along with skills like good memorization and great hand coordination. Use bonuses to buy uniforms and upgrades. Papa’s Bakeria builds on a popular formula to create an exciting and addictive time killer.
There is always a place to rest in every career. And these two factors are always very dependent on each other. After each hard working day, perform various interesting missions, take part in interesting tests, shoot on targets or collect a burger from falling ingredients. Spend the most enjoyable time possible and win valuable prizes. You can win a huge amount of useful things, starting with a tip and ending with unique outfits that will delight your visitors.
After a few exciting games and entertainment, start a new day in which you will have to wait for new trials, new customers, new pies and new ingredients. By the way, every new day will bring you new challenges and will complicate your task. However, you will become an expert very soon. The most intricate recipe of delicate pies will always be waiting for you ahead.

How to play Papas Bakeria

Use the left mouse button to perform operations