Papas Scooperia Game

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Papas Scooperia HTML5

Papas Scooperia

Papas Scooperia

Papas Scooperia is a game about managing an extremely famous ice cream parlor, with lots of guests. The ice cream parlor had a brand name, every day the number of customers coming to the shop was so crowded that they had to queue in order to get the ice cream. Because there are so many people, you need to be hired as a store manager. Your task is to perform quickly and accurately in taking customer orders and going to the kitchen area to prepare your orders.
Bakeries come in a range of inferior types with ingredients like flavored ice cream, syrup, cookie dough, and toppings all available. You only need to select and use the necessary components for the customer’s order. The store is very crowded so you may be confused with ingredients so you need to pay attention in selecting the right ingredients so that all the notes listed on the ticket will be processed correctly. You need to fulfill their orders in order to gain satisfaction rates and get higher advice from customers.
Because the bakery has been around for a long time, there are many close customers, they are very picky and meticulous so you must carefully prepare their orders.
After completing the orders with high customer satisfaction, you get some money and you can buy some upgrades for your ice cream shop like furniture, posters, walls or floors and some new clothes. These upgrades will create new and attractive for customers. To attract customers, you can also do some parades to promote your products.
This game will be addictive for you, there are already many people playing this game and it is suitable for all ages.

How to play Papas Scooperia game

Papa’s Scooperia is very simple to play, just left click on the ingredients to make ice cream and make options. The game will help you have moments of enjoyable relaxation.