Papas Sushiria Game

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Papas Sushiria HTML5

Papas Sushiria

Papas Sushiria

The intriguing story of the game begins with you winning an introductory tour to the new restaurant of famous chef Papa Louie, who specializes in the best sushi rolls in the whole city. When preparing to leave, he accidentally broke a statue of a lucky cat and was highly appreciated by the chef.
The next day at Papas Sushiria became deserted because there were no customers. Papa Louie invites you to his place in the kitchen, and he goes in search of a new mascot that will return his former glory to Papa’s Sushiria.
During Papa Louie’s absence, help him transform Papa’s Sushiria into the best sushi place in town by preparing sushi and serving it to customers. Keep customers happy and you can become a great sushi restaurant owner.
You have passed the gift introduction tour and it is not too difficult to start preparing the best and highest quality sushi rolls in the city. You wear a special uniform, showing a radiant smile. Now you are ready to have your first customer, who is waiting for you in the field of receiving orders. From this point, a new round in your life has begun.

– Carefully write each new order of your customer
– Do not forget to stir the rice while cooking
– After cooking, put the rice on the nori plate and start rolling the cake
– Cut rolls properly and place them on plates
– Prepare drinks and serve
– Make a new order!
Feedback and scores that customers leave are very important prices at Papa’s Sushiria as in any other Papa Louie restaurant. High rankings not only add points to your restaurant and attract new customers, but also provide good advice that is also a very important component for any worker. Improve the quality of work, and you will notice a significant increase in getting advice for your work.

How to play Papas Sushiria

Your task is to make Sushi, bubble tea according to customer orders
Use the mouse to manipulate the game Papa’s Sushiria