Paper Blocks Hexa Game

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Paper Blocks Hexa HTML5

Paper Blocks Hexa

Paper Blocks Hexa is a very interesting puzzle game. You can find points for all these paper blocks.

In the Paper Blocks Hexa puzzle game, your task is to fill the Hexa fields with multicolored blocks. Drag the blocks, pick up the stars and the crown, open a new pack. Use all your gray matter, and a bit of dexterity, to fit all the hexagons in their respective places, making the appropriate combination that ends up in a comfortable, colorful way.

What kind of totems. A soft balance of levels will not allow your brain to relax and the various complex options will allow young children to easily understand this fascinating game.

How to play the game Paper Blocks Hexa

Use the left mouse button to play the game. Move blocks to the field