2 Game

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Description: 2 2 is an extremely exciting territorial game, a sequel to In this sequel you will still try to win more cold ground to complete the game. Controlling his character is a snake that moves into loops to expand the territory. Initially you will have a small territory that is the same color as the snake. You will be safe in your own land, but when you go out to take the land you will be in danger, your body will be attacked and destroyed by the opponent, then you will play from the beginning. You can also destroy your opponent by touching its body. When you touch your own body or hit the limit line you will also explode. In this section, you do not have a mini map, so in the process of expanding your territory, you need to find out where your opponent is to have the appropriate play tactics. You do not own the whole territory, so you need to protect your territory well, because your opponent can steal your territory and vice versa.
This game is free to play online or can be downloaded to play offline. As a sequel, this part has a smoother gameplay and movement, improved graphics. You can also unlock some interesting new skins and complete various challenges.

How to play 2 game 2 is controlled by mouse, you just need to adjust the mouse direction to create a closed loop with the territory you have to expand and steal the opponent’s territory or destroy the opponent. This is a very interesting game to help you relax after a period of work and study. At our website there are also many other interesting games, you can participate in these games or introduce them to your friends to play.