Paper Minecraft Game

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Paper Minecraft HTML5

Paper Minecraft

Paper Minecraft

Paper Minecraft is a building game for you to experience everything from quarrying stone and wood to making tools to building buildings. Before starting the game, you can choose a character and a play mode (survival, creative or peace game mode).

For survival mode you need the skills and ingenuity to gather resources and food to maintain life and build a zone for you to live in. Also in this mode you will meet animals and participate in different terrains like forests, water, rocks and fields. The animals are lurking around you trying to kill you so you need to focus not only on building structures but also on surviving those attacks. Quarrying stone and wood to make tools then using these tools to exploit more advanced materials to build buildings.

For creative mode: you will be using your imagination to build whatever you want. Use different materials to build cities, castles … Then save and upload them for you to play. You can also download prebuilt maps that other players have created.

For peace mode: You will join a less difficult experience, can do everything from survival mode without enemies and mob attacks you.

The first thing you should do when starting the game is to find a tree and harvest it from it. When gathering enough wood, you should build a strong shelter, to protect your belongings safely and from danger, and where you can sleep. You should activate the bonus chest to receive additional items when starting the game. Upgrade your shelter as you progress through the game and collect stronger materials.

How to play Paper Minecraft game?

Paper Minecraft is played by the following character keys:

A / D or left / right arrows to move

W or UP ARROW to jump

LEFT CLICK to dig or place blocks, attack

F to eat and keep items

E to open a warehouse, a chest or use a crafting board.

Space bar to drop an item from your stack or detach them when crafting. It also continues a paused game.