Papas Pastaria Game

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Papas Pastaria HTML5

Papas Pastaria

Papas Pastaria

No other way, you go to a city far from your home and forced to work at Papa Louie’s restaurant. This is the only way you can stay in the city. And this is extremely important to you, because you have received invitations to the wedding of your loved ones and you cannot miss this event in any case. This choice means you have to learn the basics of a whole new career, making the best pasta to serve customers at Papa’s Pastaria.
– Start cooking every order unique, according to customer preferences
– Keep track of all ingredients, from pasta readiness – to complete absence of water in the dish
– Add sauces and other additives, depending on customer requirements
– Enjoy a happy customer who has left you with lots of advice
Ending each day at Papas Pastaria restaurant is transformed into an overall rating of service satisfaction and the number of tips in the special box. The higher your rating, the more people will visit your place the next day. It means more money, more skills and more reputation. But you can’t rush to cook and work without a break. This can have a negative effect on the overall level of cooked dishes.
It is for this reason, entertaining after every working day at your service. These mini games will give you lots of intellectual games, quests or video games, where you can win valuable prizes if you do the job at a perfect level. By the way, it’s not that difficult because at first glance it might seem, but your efforts will definitely pay off.
Buying new outfits will delight your customers or use a variety of interior items that increase the appeal and recognition of Papa’s Pastaria. Moreover, you can get a large sum of money among other prizes. It will allow you to collect a large amount of money to buy a wedding gift.

How to play Papas Pastaria

Use mouse