Parking Fury 2 Game

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Parking Fury 2 HTML5

Parking Fury 2

Parking Fury 2

Parking Fury 2 is parking game. You need to follow the yellow arrows along the way to bring the cars to the yellow rectangular box.
You are assigned to park different types of cars, from small cars to rickshaws or high-end sports cars …, put these cars in the right yellow rectangular box without being hit anywhere.
Practicing driving skills is a mandatory requirement in this game. You can control the car back, forward, turn the steering wheel just like in real life. Drive to any part of the road you want, maybe exploring the surroundings without having to follow directions, but doing it just takes you more time. You can rush forward or backward and turn around quickly. But I think you should go slowly, this game does not limit the playing time so when you go slowly, you can control your car, control the car in the right direction.
You need to control your car so it does not hit the wall or other vehicles, when they are hit, your star shapes will be lost, when all the star shapes, you will lose your life.
There are many levels, each level is a different road to the parking lot, the higher the level, the harder the game will be.
You can completely control these vehicles through 10 different and challenging levels to designated parking spots without crashing into other vehicles and barriers.
Parking Fury 3 is a real challenge, good driving needs to start from good parking, through parking in the nooks and crannies, the narrow space in the local parking will reflect the ability to drive. Your Car.

How to play Parking Fury 2

Parking Fury 2 requires the use of WASD keys or arrow keys to drive your vehicle. Just practice the skills to adjust the car as you like, you can pass all the levels in this game.